Coaching vs Training

Coaching is a free service offered by the club. Coaching is simply having someone show you around the facility introducing you to the equipment while providing basic exercise instruction.

DFC FIT-X Training

DFC FIT-X training will inspire you to love working out, especially if you're new to the gym or haven’t trained in the past. Our objective is to be aware and attentive to your level of fitness, schedule, and budget.

What is DFC FIT-X?

DFC FIT-X, or otherwise known as “Functional Interval Training eXercise,” is defined as the use of unlimited, non-fixed equipment exercises involved in training the body for the activities performed in daily life

Getting Started

DFC FIT-X training is a goal-oriented training programs designed to help you achieve your goals fast and effectively. Our program is designed specifically to peak your interest no matter what your goal or fitness level may be.

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